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Butch Cole
Prudential Park Rapids Real Estate

P.O Box 386
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Okay SELLER. Here are some tips and ideas designed to help market your property, as well as some facts and figures. The average time on the market has exceeded 6 months, in some cases, 12-15 months. Listing prices have climbed, due to a number of things, but a well priced property will still sell in this crazy market. Here's how. First of all, we need a gameplan. I mean, I need to know what you are expecting from me, as well as what I expect from you. How long would you consider a reasonable time to sell? Then we need to price the property with a realistic price. I will complete a full CURRENT market analysis for you, showing how long on the market and at what price comparable properties have sold for in our area. We really need to price them accordingly to save time and guesswork. Pricing them in the "acceptable" category opens up many doors for you. It gives the option to more potential Buyers to make offers, increasing the chance of multiple offers and possibly creating a "bidding war". It doesn't happen all the time, but the chance of getting more than list price climbs greatly when you price the property to appeal to more Buyers. Another thing to consider the amount of commission you pay the Broker to sell your property. Hold on now, let me explain this!! You need to consider all avenues and options here. This is the way I look at it. It's all about the money. It's a fact. The more money any agent can make, the more he/she wants to sell that property. If there are 2 properties that are similar, priced the same and one pays 5% commission, the other 7%, simple math tells you which one the agent would like to sell more. They may not admit it, but this is how they make their living and obviously would like to sell the 7% property. We can't "steer" a Buyer to this property, but may give this one a little more attention. I'm not saying that you need to list at 10%, that's not it at all. Just be competitive, and price the property right. I am not a big fan of the Seller offering a "bonus" to the selling agent. This usually means the list price is too high, and alot of agents look at it the same way. Rather, pay a decent commission and get the property SOLD. Buyer incentives are okay, they add appeal to the property, but again, if it is priced right, you don't need incentives. Here's another idea about pricing. If the property is priced below average, you open many doors for multiple offers. Heres how. The property would appeal to more Buyers, therefore increasing the amount of Buyers looking at it, in turn increasing the opportunity for more than one offer. Remember, you don't have to accept the first offer. Ideally, having 2 or 3 offers at the same time and getting the Buyers to drive up the price, in some cases, getting more than list price. There is more to it, so call me for the full version. But when you take a look at it from this side, it really does make sense. It doesn't do either of us any good to have an overpriced property listed. Also, and this will be the last for now, we both have the same goal. You want to sell your property, and I want to sell your property. Lets come up with a plan to do just that. Call me, sooner than later, but call, lets make it happen.

Butch Cole || P.O Box 386 , Park Rapids, Mn 56470 || 1-218-255-1643 || butch@prudentialparkrapids.com