Elizabeth C. Watts-Russell
Elizabeth C. Watts-Russell - Realtor®
Watts-Russell Fine Homes - Keller Williams - 4652 Hollywood Blvd. , Los Angeles, CA 90027 | 323.661.1100
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Elizabeth C. Watts-Russell
Watts-Russell Fine Homes - Keller Williams

4652 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


I am a full-time real estate consultant specializing in the areas of Los Feliz and Hollywood, which includes The Oaks, as well as Hancock Park. I have lived in Los Angeles for 23 years the most recent 10 of which as a resident of the idyllic and tranquil Los Feliz hills. I live in a cul-de-sac 1928 Mediterranean immersed in lush, mature foliage, a virtual sanctuary all on its own. I am smitten to Los Feliz being both bucolic and urban in the same breath. I have also lived for many years combined between über hip and trendy West Hollywood, and exciting and mythical Hollywood. Classic Hancock Park has been my favorite haunt for years. My family frequents quaint Larchmont Boulevard’s restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and upscale boutiques. I have a very deep connection with these areas. I feel their pulse. I have an intimate knowledge of the most current real estate market conditions in each one of them. Professionally, I have had a life-long career in Sales & Marketing. Hence, it has been in my nature and nurture to always strive for customer satisfaction at all times. As a homeowner and investor myself, I have a great amount of natural empathy for either Seller or Buyer. Real Estate is my profound passion. The dynamics of its elements --- aesthetics, form, and function --- is so magical and invigorating. I translate this unbridled enthusiasm by relentlessly finding the dream home for the Buyer and tirelessly selling the treasured property of the Seller.

Dynamic, driven, and determined, I will handle your home sale or purchase efficiently and expeditiously every step of the normally complex process. I will be your staunch advocate and loyal liaison with all parties. Equipped with a solid background in Sales & Marketing, I will be a formidable asset to any Seller. I will design a creative and aggressive marketing plan that will provide for a shorter selling period, and an assured sale at an optimum selling price. My fine sense of aesthetics is another plus for the Seller. I can give the Seller ideas on how to best showcase a home, or assist the staging company with design concepts. I am not your 'absentee' Realtor. She will guarantee you her ready availability and accessibility at all times. I will keep you posted on developments consistently. I will address your issues and questions promptly. My trademark attention to detail, accuracy, and perfection will ensure that neither seller nor buyer will be encumbered with any needless concern through the many phases of the transaction. My hallmark professionalism will punctuate every aspect of my relationship with you, financial institutions, and all other integral players in the sale or purchase process. Every value I bring to the buying and selling equation sums up to a win-win outcome. The quote below succinctly embodies my service philosophy: “To give real service you must have something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." -- Douglas Noël Adams, British Author & Musician

Elizabeth C. Watts-Russell, Realtor®
Watts-Russell Fine Homes - Keller Williams
4652 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027 | map

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