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Marie Koester
LakeLand Realty

4221 US190 West
Livingston, Tx 77351


Being a native of Polk County, Livingston, Texas helps me to provide you with the knowledge you might not find somewhere else. I am proud of my reputation as hardworking, friendly, and a courteous professional, that will give your listing the attention it deserves, and for the Buyer, I listen and truly understand your needs, a Quality of business conduct that often seems to have been forgotten in todays fast pace. I am known for my personal style and service with Buyers and Sellers. When it comes to Real Estate, I KNOW IT, I LIVE AND BREATHE IT, AND I INSIST ON HIGH STANDARDS OF HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND ADHERENCE TO ETHICAL STANDARDS. My GOAL is to find the Buyers the right home which has always been a thrill and challenge for me. For Sellers, that's easy - get them the most money the market will incur, in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of inconvenience. I track all of my Clients by the type of Property they are looking for and can quickly contact them when the "Right" property comes on the Market. I want to become your Personal Agent for Life. I will be there for you long after the Close of the Sale. My Heart is in by Business. I truly care about the People I provide services to. My motto is and has always been, "MILLION DOLLAR SERVICE IN EVERY PRICE RANGE"

I was here long before there was a Lake Livingston. I have watched all development of Subdivisions, Hotels/Motels, Marina's and Campgrounds, new Roads, new Business's, make Lake Livingston what it is today. We are one of the fastest growing Counties in Texas. Livingston is conveniently located north of Houston (about an hour) on US 59. Our town even with all the new growth still has a "small town country feel." My Children attended Livingston Public Schools so I am familar with the school system, members of local Churches. One thing is for sure, I KNOW THE AREA, THE SOIL, WATER, HUNTING, FISHING, SKIING, CAMPING, OR THE PERFECT LOCATION FOR YOU A HOME! ALL of my Clients have continued to visit with me and let me know how much they love it here. They say, "This Town Is So Friendly" well I already know that and am happy that I have been apart of making someone LIVE THE LIFE THEY LOVE! Please call toll free 1-877-224-5399. Sincerely, Marie Koester Broker Lee Howard VISIT MY WEB PAGE

Marie Koester, Owner
LakeLand Realty
4221 US190 West
Livingston, Tx 77351 | map

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